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When your family joins the Loring School community, you become a part of the Loring PTO; a community of parents, teachers and school administrators joining together to enrich the educational and social experience of our students.  


Parent involvement is critical to our success and there are a number of ways to get involved, taking on a leadership role, volunteering at one of our events, donating to our fundraising efforts. If you are interested in learning more about the different opportunities available please email our co-chairs Erin Ciaccia and Katie Riordan.


Farewell and Happy Summer!

6/16/2021 1:49 pm

As the school year comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to thank you ALL for the incredible efforts you have made to support Loring.  While this year was extraordinary, I was still overwhelmed by your generosity when it came to volunteering, planning and attending events, as well as donating to the Food Pantry and our fundraising efforts.  You make Loring the Pawsome place that it is!  

I am especially grateful to the Exec Team - Katie Riordan for keeping me grounded through the chaos of this year; Kate Li and Crystal Pike for keeping on top of every dollar and Cathy Peterson who kept us organized and provided us with great ideas and insight.  I wish Kate and Cathy all the best as they move on from their Exec roles and am excited to see what Katie and Crystal have in store for Loring as they serve as Co-Chairs for the 2021-2022 school year!

A huge thank you to all of the staff and teachers at Loring, who go above and beyond every year, but especially so THIS year! A special thanks to Barbara Cook and Tara DiBona for helping with all PTO-related matters; to Shawn Maguire and Susie Trubiani for being so stellar, and helping us out inside Loring - when we could not go inside.  Last but definitely not least, THANK YOU to Sara Harvey and David Gaita for their incredible support, leadership, and willingness to try new things. I am so grateful for all that you do to make Loring such a fun, special, and caring community.  

Before ending this note - I wanted to wish Barbara Cook a very happy retirement.  You will be missed and we thank you for all your years of hard work!

I wish you all a safe, happy, and restful summer.  I am looking forward to seeing what next school year brings.


Erin Ciaccia, PTO Co-Chair

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Thank You - Coordinators

6/16/2021 1:46 pm

As you all know, this year was unlike any other.  We were forced to step back and rework most of the events, activities, and day to day routines we are so used to.  The PTO didn't escape this either.  Due to all the restrictions, we were unable to utilize most of the parent volunteers that we have in the past, but are so thankful to those who took on Coordinator roles and helped out where they could to recreate traditions that we know and love.  I think we can agree that they all did it with flying colors and I wanted to thank the following people for their hard work during trying times:
Apparel - Erin Lindsey
Birthday Book Club - Kelly Ewart
Business Sponsors - Colleen Gleason-Epple
Camp Fair - Deb Cooley, Jennifer Ryan, Laura Bennos, Cindy Eisler, Tanvi Devimane
Community News/Email Blasts - Deb Cooley
Creative Enrichment - Anne Devine
Food Pantry - Laura Porter
Fifth Grade Events - Emmy Parks, Crystal Pike
Holiday Treat Sampler - Cathy Peterson, Rachel Heckler
Membership Toolkit Specialist- Deb Cooley
Teacher Appreciation Lunch - Jess Cooper, Caroline Archambault, Katie Carroll
Teacher Orientation Lunch - Beth Maier, Val Friedholm
Teacher Appreciation Week - Jen Morrissey, Cathy Peterson, Denise Leong-Yokota
Loring Eats - Alissa Snowden
Yearbook - Angela Lee, Joelle Peppi
Outdoor Beautification - Joy Aldrich
Playground Committee - Rachel Heckler, Anne Devine
Pumpkin Walk - Emmy Parks, Crystal Pike
Red Folders - Na Qian
Retail Partners - Jen Morrissey
Sunshine Committee - Laura Warren, Sarah Ehrhorn
Thank you again for your help this year!  We could not have done this without you!
**Be on the lookout for open Coordinator and volunteer roles over the summer and at the start of the school year as the PTO gets a better understanding of what next year will look like!
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SPS Bus Registration ends June 18th

6/14/2021 7:20 pm

School bus registration is now open for the 2021-2022 school year. All families who choose school bus transportation, whether no-fee or fee-based, must register and pay (if applicable) by June 18, 2021.

Incoming students in Kindergarten through grade 6 living more than two miles from their districted schools are eligible to receive no-fee transportation. Incoming students in Kindergarten through grade 6 living less than two miles from their districted schools are eligible for fee-based transportation, based on space availability. MySchoolBucks ID for registration can be found in Aspen under the Family/Demographics tab

All incoming 7th and 8th grade students who wish to ride the bus 

The transportation fee for the 2021-2022 school year is $350 per student and is capped at $635 per family if registration and payment is postmarked or submitted on-line by June 18, 2021. Registrations and payments submitted after June 18, 2021 will incur an additional $75 late fee.

Transportation registration is done through MySchoolBucks.com.

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