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Absences/Tardies (back to top)

What​ ​if​ ​my​ ​child​ ​will​ ​be​ ​absent​ ​or​ ​tardy?

Call the school’s main number, 978-579-0870, and follow the prompts to get to the absentee line. Listen to the message and leave a voicemail with all requested information.


What​ ​if​ ​we​ ​arrive​ ​after​ ​8:55?

Walk your child into the office to sign them in. They will be given a late pass to head to class.


Is​ ​there​ ​anywhere​ ​I​ ​can​ ​see​ ​how​ ​many​ ​absences​ ​and/or​ ​tardies​ ​my​ ​child​ ​has?

This information is available in Aspen.


Aspen (back to top)

What​ ​is​ ​Aspen?

Aspen is a communication tool used by SPS. Children’s teacher assignments are viewable via Aspen. It contains report cards and records of absences/tardies for your child(ren). It allows for communication from teachers and administration. New this year (2017), phone call notifications regarding school delay or cancellation have migrated to this tool as well. As there is so much Aspen is used for, you should ensure you keep all your information up to date so important communication is not missed.


How​ ​do​ ​you​ ​access​ ​Aspen?​ ​Where​ ​do​ ​I​ ​find​ ​information​ ​on​ ​it?

Aspen can be accessed via the SPS website Family Portal or just go directly here. There are FAQ’s for some of the more common questions.


What​ ​if​ ​the​ ​information​ ​on​ ​Aspen​ ​is​ ​incorrect​ ​or​ ​inaccurate?

Many edits can be done through Aspen.  See the FAQ's from the district on how to update information found here.


What​ ​if​ ​I​ ​didn’t​ ​receive​ ​my​ ​password​ ​or​ ​forgot​ ​it?

Call the front office and request the information.

Back to School (back to top)

Where​ ​can​ ​I​ ​find​ ​School​ ​Supply​ ​lists?

You can find the grade level school supply lists on the Loring PTO page.

Birthday Celebrations (back to top)

How are birthdays acknowledged in school?

Many teachers have their own special ways to acknowledge children within their classrooms on their birthdays.  If you would like to organize something special, reach out to your child's teacher to inquire.  Additionally, all birthdays are announced during morning announcements and children are encouraged to come to the office and pick out a special birthday pencil.  All birthdays are also acknowledged during Community Celebration.


Can I bring in a special snack for my child’s birthday?

Loring does not allow food to be sent to school for sharing with the whole class.


What is the Birthday Book Club?

Join the Birthday Book Club to honor your child's birthday.  The librarians will help your child pick out a book from their inventory, so it can join the Loring library.  Your child will be the first one to check the book out, their name and birthday will be placed in the book, and their photo will be on display in the library and on the lobby screen.  Find out all the details and order here!

Calendars (back to top)

Where​ ​can​ ​I​ ​find​ ​the​ ​District​ ​calendar?

The district calendar can be found here.  You can also subscribe to the District calendar by following the instructions here.


Where​ ​can​ ​I​ ​find​ ​the​ ​PTO​ ​calendar​ ​which​ ​includes​ ​all​ ​scheduled​ ​events​ ​and general​ ​PTO​ ​meetings?

The Loring PTO calendar can be found here, with an option to subscribe to updates.

Communications (back to top)

What​ ​are​ ​the​ ​recommended​ ​ways​ ​to​ ​communicate​ ​with​ ​teachers?

Each teacher generally discusses their communication preferences during the school wide Open House sometime in September. Most prefer email for non urgent issues.


Where​ ​can​ ​I​ ​find​ ​the​ ​email​ ​addresses​ ​of​ ​school​ ​teachers​ ​and​ ​staff?

Via the Loring Elementary School SPS website, under Contact Us.


What​ ​type​ ​of​ ​communication​ ​can​ ​I​ ​expect​ ​from​ ​classroom​ ​teachers​ ​and administration?

Most teachers will send out a weekly email highlighting what your child’s classroom has been/will be working on and other important things. Additionally, Principal Harvey sends out communication on Fridays with important highlights and reminders.


What​ ​type​ ​of​ ​communication​ ​can​ ​I​ ​expect​ ​from​ ​the​ ​PTO?

The PTO uses various modes to reach out. You can join the Loring PTO Facebook page here. Please make sure to review our code of conduct when joining. Additionally, we send out a weekly newsletter titled Thursday Notices and any blasts we send regarding volunteer opportunities, events and/or deadlines that may be coming up.

Community Celebration (back to top)

What​ ​is​ ​Community​ ​Celebration?

Community Celebration is held a couple times each month on full day Wednesdays. During this time an individual or groups of students share songs and talents to the entire Loring Community. Students are also recognized that exhibit our Core Values.  This is a school run event and the PTO is not involved in planning.


What​ ​time​ ​does​ ​it​ ​start​ ​and​ ​how​ ​long​ ​does​ ​it​ ​last?

2:40 and usually between 20-30 minutes.


Will​ ​I​ ​be​ ​alerted​ ​if​ ​my​ ​child​ ​is​ ​performing?

You will usually receive some type of notification from your child’s teacher if either they or their class are performing something special.


Can I dismiss my child from Community Celebration?

Yes, however it is especially important on Community Celebration days that you notify the school by sending in a note in your child's folder or if that isn't possible calling early in the day.  This ensures that both the office and your child's teacher have ample time to get the details of any changes.  Last minute dismissal changes create logistical issues when it comes to making sure all kids are accounted for, which can result in delays in buses being released.


Where do I park for Community Celebration?

Parking can be at a premium during high attendance community celebrations.  As community celebration is later in the day, students go directly from there to their classrooms to gather their belongings and are dismissed.  Unless you are dismissing by car pickup and are sure you will be returning to your car immediately after community celebration, you should not park in the car pickup area along the curb by the gym and library doors.  Parked cars in the car pickup line create delays in pick ups and potentially dangerous situations involving cars actively picking up having to go around those parked.  If the lot is full, you can park along Alta Drive and walk a short distance to the school.

Dismissal Changes (back to top)

What​ ​if​ ​I​ ​need​ ​to​ ​change​ ​my​ ​child’s​ ​dismissal​ ​(not​ ​permanent)?

If you are aware of the change when you send your child to school, ensure they have a dismissal note to give their teacher detailing what the changes will be (early dismissal/what time, change in dismissal method, dismissal with a friend, etc.)

If you need to change your child’s dismissal for the same day, call the school’s main number, 978-579-0870, and speak with someone to detail out the changes. Do not leave a voicemail or use email to change dismissal.


What​ ​if​ ​I​ ​need​ ​to​ ​change​ ​my​ ​child’s​ ​dismissal​ ​(permanently)?

Loring Dismissal Forms are available in the front office.

Dismissal Procedures (back to top)

What​ ​is​ ​the​ ​procedure​ ​for​ ​walker​ ​pickup?

Access the school by pressing the buzzer on the front door speaker box. Proceed left to the dining room. There will be a table with dismissal cards on it. Your child will be dismissed to the dining room and together you will exit the side door toward the baseball field, ensuring your child’s card is handed to the staff member stationed there.  Those crossing Woodside or proceeding down Woodside in the direction of Landham should turn left out the door and use the crosswalk in front of the school to cross the driveway.  Those heading down Woodside towards the baseball field, should exit the cafeteria and immediately cross the driveway towards the baseball field.

Red cards indicate a child must have an adult present to be dismissed. Green cards indicate a child may be dismissed without an adult.


What​ ​is​ ​the​ ​procedure​ ​for​ ​car​ ​pickup?

Guidelines for car pickup can be found here. Note you MUST have a car placard that is visible in your to use car pickup. If you forget or do not have one, please park and dismiss your child from the front office.  Additionally, this is an active drop off/pick up line.  While staff will be available to help with doors and getting in/out of vehicles, they can not help with buckling or unbuckling.  If your child requires help with the buckling process during drop off, please consider parking and walking them into school.  At pickup, please consider parking or pulling to the side after pickup to help with buckling so as to keep the line moving quickly.


When​ ​can​ ​I​ ​begin​ ​lining​ ​up​ ​for​ ​car​ ​pickup?​ ​ ​What​ ​is​ ​the​ ​process?

You can begin lining up for car pickup at approximately 3pm. The driveway may be blocked for safety up until or past this time if children are still present outside on the school grounds.

Gift Giving (back to top)

 What are the state laws about class gifts?

Most people know that there is an individual personal gift limit of $50, but there are also some limitations on class gifts for personal use. Gifts from the whole class for personal use (ie. a gift card to a restaurant, the movies, a spa) cannot total more than $150 for the entire year. However, there is no limit on how much a whole class can spend toward classroom materials. All families are invited to participate in a class gift, but it is certainly optional. The gift should be presented as from the whole class, not only the individual contributors.


As an example: A class may choose to give a $75 personal gift card to the teacher for the winter holidays, plus another amount toward a classroom supply gift card and/or items from the new Wish List (more on that below). They may then choose to do the same amounts at the end of the year: $75 as a class for a personal gift card, a gift card for classroom supplies, and an ACE Award. This set of gifts would fall within appropriate guidelines.

(the full description can be seen here)


What is an ACE Award?

ACE stands for Appreciation of Champions in Education. When an individual or classroom “purchases” an ACE Award, it honors a special teacher/educator while contributing to Sudbury Education Resource Fund, which gives out grants for innovation and enrichment activities throughout K-12 in Sudbury. ACE Awards are tax-deductible, the honored educator receives a certificate, and the principal receives a list of honorees. ACE Awards are not just for classroom teachers; they can be for specialists, administrative staff, the nurse, the custodian – anyone whose contributions to the school community you wish to recognize. ACE Awards do not count against the class gift or individual gift limits because they are a donation for educational enrichment. Donations can be in any amount, which makes it an easy add-on if you have an odd amount of classroom money collected. Teachers/principals do not know the amount donated (the average ACE Award donation is around $25, but any amount is welcome).

Lunch (back to top)

Where​ ​can​ ​I​ ​view​ ​the​ ​lunch​ ​menu​ ​and​ ​prices?

The SPS Whitson’s page.


Can kids buy lunch with cash?

Yes. Anything above and beyond the cost of their items is generally credited to the student’s MySchoolbucks account for future purchases.


What is the myschoolbucks account?

MySchoolBucks is the system the school uses to store cafeteria account balances. New to SPS students receive a pin in the mail generally a month or so before school starts or you can locate it on your child's Aspen account under the SASID number on the Demographics tab.  You can create an account and using these pins pull in your children. The system allows you to track your child’s balance, view their purchase history and add funds via a credit card. MySchoolBucks also has an app for convenience.


What if my child forgets the pin for the account and doesn’t have cash?

Cafeteria staff have access to all students pins and will ensure they are properly debited.


What if my child’s balance is negative and they didn’t bring lunch?

Children are, in general, allowed to carry up to a negative $10 balance. Any lower than that and the child is provided an alternate meal.

School Hours (back to top)

What are the school hours for students?

Regular school day: 8:55-3:25. Early Release: 8:55-12:45.


When can I drop off my children? What is the process?

The doors will open at 8:45. Children will not be let into the school before that. Bus students will remain in buses and car drop off students should remain in cars until staff is outside to ensure their safety. Please reference these car drop off/pickup guidelines.

SED (Sudbury Extended Day) (back to top)

What is Sudbury Extended Day?

SED provides before and after school care to the children of SPS, but is not affiliated with the district in any way. You can find out more information regarding hours, tuition and program details by visiting their webpage.

Snow (back to top)

How do I find out about cancellation or delays to the school day?

Information regarding delays or cancellations will be available in several modes – website banner, e-mail to all families (make sure Aspen is updated), Twitter, and local media outlets. In addition, you will receive a phone call (generated from Aspen) provided you have not opted out of receiving them previously.


What time does phone call notification take place?

Phone calls may be received up until 9:30pm the night before a delay/cancellation and as early as 5:00am the day of a delay/cancellation if a decision has not been made the night before.


Opt-in/out of snow calls

Sudbury Public Schools uses a communications system that integrates directly with their student information system (ASPEN). The communication system handles phone calls and emails. There are 2 types of phone calls: emergency and non-emergency.

Emergency calls will apply to anything that has to do with student safety in school or during arrival and departure (bus delays, etc). Emergency calls will be placed to ALL families regardless of whether or not you have opted out of phone communications.

Snow Day communications are NOT considered “emergency” calls since the information is available and will be communicated via e-mail, SPS website, and local media outlets. This means you can opt all or some phone numbers OUT of receiving non-emergency calls.


To opt OUT of non-Emergency phone calls (in other words, stop one of your listed phone numbers from receiving snow calls at 5 am):

Call the Blackboard Phone Hotline at "855-502-STOP (855-502-7867)" from that number.

To opt back IN for non-Emergency phone calls:

Call the Blackboard Phone Hotline at "855-502-STOP (855-502-7867)" from the phone line that has been opted out.

A benefit of the system is that it is updated daily with any changes to contact information. If you change your info in ASPEN, it will be updated in the phone system. Log in here to see your information.

Volunteering (back to top)


Your classroom teachers will let you know about in-school volunteer opportunities with the class, such as reading, writers workshop, field trips, and special events. For PTO-related volunteering, there are several ways to get involved. You can always check here for volunteer signups. Additionally, lots of committees need additional help during the planning. You can see a list of programs and events by going to the main contact sheet here.


I work during the day, are there still ways to be involved?

ABSOLUTELY! A lot of our programs need behind-the-scenes support for planning and coordinating, much of which can be done remotely by computer and so on. Additionally, many of our evening or weekend events need volunteers to take a short shift; this is a great way to get involved if you’re not free during the day. And like any PTO, there’s always a lot of opportunities for bakers.

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