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One World Thank You

Loring’s second One World Festival was such a amazing evening.  With 14 countries represented in booths from all over and 4 amazing performances, it was truly a celebration of our fantastic community.  You could feel the energy in the displays, the delicious smell of the foods that were served, the sounds of the talented performers, and the voices of all the students excited to learn about a new culture or country. 


Thank you to the following Loring families for participating in this wonderful event, Azarian, Chakravarty, Embon, Ewart, Faria, Garner, Ioanilli, Kerekes, Koirala, Liu, Ma, Mathews, Mautner, McDonald, Mohanty, Riley, Ruane, Snowden, Tharp, Trevino, Vigener and Wang.

Also, thank you to the committee who helped organize the One World Festival - Tanvi Devimane, Kate Li, and Krati Jhaveri, as well as Chi Kuo and Lisa Pimentel who helped with check-in/water and cleanup.  

20th Anniversary Leopard Fund 

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